2016-2017 Annual Report

Chairmans Report


Max Laughton OAM President | Chairman

The past twelve months have proved to be challenging wit the need for Clubs to develop and evolve.

The good news is over the next financial year we will see the Paceway in development phase.

As we look back over the past financial year we can see that it is very exciting times for Penrith as the Penrith City Centre is being transformed into an amazing centrepieces where people will want to come for fun, enjoyment and relaxation.

Penrith has become a major tourist destination with the River, the Lakes, the Mountains and much more.

The construction is all around us and all of this will create more jobs and more housing.

The new airport over the next 20 to 30 years will create in the vicinity of 50 000 jobs.

As we can all know Penrith Paceway is perfectly positioned.

The Paceway has fallen behind and we now need to move forward.

This will not hinder our Club in the slightest or our sport of Harness Racing.

In fact it will give the injection needed for survival to make our place a destination stop in town also.

  • A new facelift to the Club
  • Better viewing of Harness Racing
  • A redesigned Annual Show
  • A renewal of the Markets
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants

These are very exciting times for us all.

We will keep our Members updated as we progress.


Max Laughton OAM